Neurogenomics Seminars

23 Feb 2021

23rd Feb: Dr Hyejung Won

From the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 3D maps of chromatin contacts unravel neurobiological mechanisms of brain disorders by Dr Hyejung Won. Zoom meeting GMT: 10:00-11:00. Contact us for zoom link to join.

Welcome to our Cross-centre new Post-doctoral member

18 Feb 2021

MAP new member

Our warmest welcome to Dr Jessica Griffiths who recently joined our team as the Cross-centre Post-doc!

From Bristol to London

12 Feb 2021

The first set of MAP tissue has arrived!

We now have 8 brain regions from 6 Alzheimer's Disease and 4 control brain tissue samples. We are all ready to start experiments on them, every sample is very precious and we are excited to see the results!

Neurogenomics Seminars

09 Feb 2021

Tuesday 9th Feb: Dr Song Chen

The first Neurogenomics seminar of 2021 year is ready to go!

A conversation with Professor Paul Mathews, UK DRI at Imperial

29 Jan 2021

UK DRI Imperial Researcher Interviews- MAP team

Professor Paul Matthews is the UK DRI Centre Director at Imperial and is the leader of our Multi-'omics Atlas Project. He developed the MAP initiative with the aim to unveil many complex interactions between cells throughout the diseased brain.

Our MAP team is getting bigger

25 Jan 2021

Our Multi-'omics Atlas Project is progressing and the more experienced people involved the better

This month we welcomed Diana Benitez as our new Project officer/Tissue Manager and Jayant Pindoria as our Data Manager.

Connectome 2020

30 Oct 2020

The annual retreat for UK DRI researchers

During the virtual annual UK DRI retreat, our leader Jo Jackson gave an update on the MAP.  We aim to increase our collaborations across all UK DRI centres, then do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested!

A conversation with Dr Johanna Jackson, UK DRI at Imperial

31 Jul 2020

UK DRI Imperial Researcher Interviews- MAP team

Dr Jo Jackson is not only an Advanced Research Fellow at Imperial College London, but also she is the Head Scientific Manager of the Multi-'omics Atlas Project.

The International Parkinson Disease Genomics Consortium Online meeting 2020

03 Jul 2020

Spreading the word about our Multi'-omics atlas Project.

Dr Johanna Jackson presented at the IPDGC the outline and aims of the MAP, we are always trying to build and grow an international research network!

A conversation with Dr Nathan Skene, UK DRI at Imperial

30 Jun 2020

UK DRI Imperial Researcher Interviews- MAP team

Dr Nathan Skene is a Lecturer at Imperial College London and a UK DRI Group Leader who has wide experience in bioinformatics and human genetics.