Sarah Marzi recognised as UK DRI Emerging Leader 2021

27 Apr 2021

Congratulations to Dr Sarah Marzi who is part of our MAP team and was recently awarded an Emerging Leader status by the UK Dementia Research Institute.

This title recognises researchers who have shown a great contribution to dementia research, Dr Sarha Marzi expressed, “I am thrilled to be named as Emerging Leader within the UK DRI as it officially recognises my status and career traj

Neurogenomics Seminars

26 Apr 2021

Tuesday 4th of May 2021: Dr Niamh Mullins

From the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Genome-wide association study of over 40,000 bipolar disorder cases provides new insights into the underlying biology.  Zoom meeting time: 15:00-16:00h (UK). Contact us for the zoom access link.

Neurogenomics Seminars

16 Apr 2021

Tuesday 20th April: Dr Stefan Schoenfelder

From the Babraham Institute, Long-range enhancer-promoter contacts in developmental gene expression control by Dr Stefan Schoenfelder, join us for another delightful talk. Zoom meeting time: 15:30-16:30h (UK). Contact us for the zoom access link.

BNA 2021 Festival of Neuroscience

15 Apr 2021

Workshop: Multi'-omics analysis of the brain at single-cell resolution

Our Multi-'omics Atlas Project team is part of this UK DRI workshop which will take place on Thursday 15th April. The workshop will cover topics including transcriptomics, proteomics, lipidomics, computational biology, and novel

Neurogenomics Seminars

13 Apr 2021

Tuesday 13th April: Dr Christopher Todd

From the Babraham Institute, Epiblast enhancer priming in the regulation of neural-development gene networks by Dr Christopher Todd. Zoom meeting time: 15:00-16:00h. Contact us for the zoom access link.

Chan Zukerberg and NIH Centre for Age-Related Diseases 2021

06 Apr 2021

Mini-symposium "Maps to Molecules"

It has been a year since we launched our Multi-'omics Atlas Project! Jo Jackson will present an updated description and the progress we have done so far next 27th of April, 

Neurogenomics Seminars

23 Mar 2021

Tuesday 23rd March: Jeremy Schwartzentruber

From Open Targets, Genome-wide meta-analysis, fine-mapping and integrative prioritization implicate new Alzheimer’s disease risk genes by Dr Jeremy Schwartzentruber. Zoom meeting time: 15:00-16:00h. Contact us for zoom link.

Experiments progressing

12 Mar 2021

From snRNAseq to bulk sequencing

The TREM2 single-cell RNA sequencing set of experiments just finished this week! Now we are moving on to the analysis and completing the bulk sequencing and histopathology.  Our researchers are truly working hard, stay tuned to hear more updates from our on-going work.

Neurogenomics Seminars

09 Mar 2021

Tuesday 9th March: Guillermo Parada

From the Wellcome Sanger Institute: Uncovering alternative splicing patterns of microexons across mouse development and neuronal cell-types by Guillermo Parada. Zoom meeting time: 14:00-15:00. Contact us for zoom link to join.

10x Genomics kits experiments

24 Feb 2021

We are always trying cutting-edge techniques at our MAP

We are excited about the new 10x Genomics kits to increase the Visium resolution to 5um and on Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded tissue. And spatial proteomics! Amazing work currently in progress by our Research Technician Aisling McGarry.