Connectome 2023 Awards

02 Nov 2023

Our MAP PhD student won!

Eleonore Schneegans was awarded with the Computational Repr

ABACA7/BIN1 Project update

15 Oct 2023

A new batch of tissue has been received

This month we received human post-mortem brain tissue from the London Neurodegenerative Diseases Brain Bank to continue our research in dementia.

Connectome 2023

11 Oct 2023

UK DRI Annual Meeting, Brighton 2023

Our MAP girls presented our most recent findings and techniques during Connectome 2023.

New pre-print on Multi-Omics data

01 Sep 2023

Omix: A Multi-Omics Integration Pipeline

You can read our brand new pre-print in BioRxiv: the Omix pipeline offers an integration and analysis framework for multi-omics intended to preprocess, analyse, and visualise multimodal data flexibly to address various research questions.

Great Exhibition Road Festival 2023

01 Jul 2023

Paper Brain Hat Workshop by the MAP team

We were invited to be part of the Great Exhibition Road Festival 2023!

Farewell to one of our members

15 May 2023

Our Senior lab technician is leaving the MAP

Our one and only Dr Nanet Willumsen is leaving our team. She worked for the MAP for the last 4 years! She was extremely helpful, hard-working and she managed the lab team in an amazing way.

Human Tissue Act 2004

01 May 2023

HTA audit 2023: the MAP team is fully compliant! 

The Human Tissue Act 2004 regulates the storage, removal and use of tissue for research. In April 2023 our team went through an inspection and we are proud to announce that we got outstanding results!

Multi-omics Atlas Project video

01 Mar 2023

Building an 'atlas' of the Alzheimer's brain

Check out our new video where our leader Dr Jo Jackson explains how we aim to create an "atlas" of the brain at different stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

We wish you all a happy Winter Break!

23 Dec 2022

MAP team's Secret Santa and Christmas Dinner

During 2022 our MAP team got bigger and better! Check out our photo, we celebrated all our achievements with a lovely Christmas dinner and a Secret Santa. We are excited about all the deliverables and publications that will come in 2023.

Connectome 2022

10 Nov 2022

UK DRI Annual Meeting, Brighton 2022

Our MAP girls disseminated our most recent findings and techniques during Connectome 2022.